Santhidham Province, Ghaziabad


Rt.Rev. Msgr.Fr. George Valliarumpeth

Fr. George Valliarumpeth was the most responsible person to carry out this mission as director of SD, entrusted to him by God and legitimate Ecclesiastical authority. In submission to the will of God, he took charge of the newly assigned responsibility on October 28, 1929. In the persons of its founder and its newly appointed director, the SD too had the same ecclesial experience inherent in the words of Saint Paul I planted, Apollo watered, but God gave the growth (1 Cor 3:6).

The life of Fr. Valliarumpeth was the blossoming of faith and love infused at baptism. His consciousness of the abiding presence of the Holy Trinity influenced him deeply. He suffixed to his baptismal name George, with of the Holy Trinity. He solemnized the feast of the Holy Trinity with elaborate preparations, with novena. He inspired and encouraged the SD to deepen in faith in the Triune God and in love for Him. He was also an ardent devotee of the sacred heart of Jesus. He used to hum the words, Sweet heart of Jesus, abide in me as my love.

In addition to his being a father and mother to the SD, he was also a philanthropist. He instilled in the sisters the ideal that the needs of the poor came first. He had a large heart that could encompass everyone. He exerted such an influence on the members of the community so as not to miss their father-founder. He encouraged the sisters to maintain this selfless and serene demeanour in their reciprocal interpersonal love-relationship. His innocent love for the sisters during his 41-year long stewardship as their spiritual father and director made him memorable, beloved and venerable.

He brought up the members of the community to grow mature in Christ without ever losing the sanctity of religious life. His words brought forth mature fruits born of holy life, moved their hearts with burning zeal and clarity of vision. They enabled them to attain maturity in their personal lives. He took great pain to treat each person, be it an insider or an outsider, as he/she is. He attained maturity though his habit of self-control and asceticism. He was indifferent to the climatic changes. His equanimity, confronted with criticism or misunderstanding and his humble disposition to make amends if necessary, were inspiring and imitable. His still and concentrated posse in front of the Blessed Sacrament was of a recollected ascetic. He used to undertake self- imposed discipline like flagellation, wearing spiny waistband He was an accomplished person in every field. He used profusely his expertise in ecclesiastical and administered fields, coupled with his personal experience gained through his self-sacrificing efforts for the over-all growth of the SD.