Santhidham Province, Ghaziabad


Ministry of Faith Formation & Social Apostolate:

SD Santhidham province carries on the mission of Christ the Compassionate, in various ways, Christ the Good Shepherd was in move in search of the lost sheep. He cared the flock; the wounded was healed and the weak fed and strengthened. Imbibed with the passion of Christ we too go out to the peripheries of parish, slum, jail, refugees and society in search of lost sheep.

Our Morden society witnessing myriads of problems due to the structural changes in the family, lack of basic amenities due to the faulty policies of various govt, uncared and faulty development practices, unequal distribution of resources, war, communal violence religious intolerance and displacement. These are giving rise to various other sub-problems like unemployment, migration increase of slum dwellers, pollution, brokenness of family, lack of trust, causing stress and mental illness, physical infirmities, drug addiction, sexual abuses on women and children and trafficking. These are the areas where we are present and need to be present as a compassionate mother, sister and friend.

Ministry of Healing:

"Neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it was your word,O Lord ,that heals all people”(Wis 16:12)

The God whom we see in the Bible is a God who heals, a God who is so compassionate and merciful to the sick and the suffering. It is through the healing ministry Jesus expressed the compassion and mercy of the Heavenly Father to the suffering and the marginalized because it is a language that everyone understands. Our Aim is Holistic healing of body, mind and soul. We, the SD sisters, following the example of Jesus, the healer, have taken up healing ministry.

Ministry of Education:

Education is for life, not for living. Through education, one grows by learning how to live, how to become grown-up, mature men and women having a big heart, with a greatness of soul. It means having grand ideals, the desire to achieve great things in response to what God asks of us and precisely doing daily actions, commitments with a big heart that is open to God and to others especially the marginalized. It is the time to develop human virtues like loyalty, respect and commitment focusing on the fundamental values of freedom, compassion and service. Education enables the students to be free persons with a capacity to choose what is good though it is challenging. They should be able to face life, courageously and patiently. Spiritual formation is the need of the time giving God consciousness, the experience of the loving presence of Lord Jesus and making them aware of their responsibility to respond to his call. They should also learn to read God’s signs in their lives. He is always speaking to us, even through the events of our times and our everyday existence. The Lord is always nearby, lifting us up and pushing us to grow and to make ever-better choice ‘with great courage and generosity’,

Home Mission:

Through the home mission, we foster faith in families, strengthen the family bonds and enable the individuals to protect the values of families. We could conduct home mission programme in various dioceses and parishes. We found that the families are to be renewed from selfish attitudes, misuse of media, drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual abuse, premarital sex, abortion, luxurious living, lack of faith and suicide tendency. Through the prayerful intervention of sisters many families experienced healing of broken relationships, couples who were going through the verge of breaking up settled their problem, re-start their family prayer and sacramental life etc.